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"Quiet efficiency is the hallmark of the expert"

Welcome to the Secura HQ Ltd website.

Secura HQ Ltd is a global team of dedicated security industry professionals, offering a complete range of security, surveillance and Investigational services to a diverse portfolio of clients.

Secura, meaning ‘Live without Fear’, is both our name and our ethic. We excel in providing our clients with a tailored service that always exceeds their expectations. 

From financial sustainability and operational knowledge, to deployment and application of physical and technical services, the Secura HQ Ltd team is on hand to manage your security needs at every stage.

Many clients feel hindered by the need for security, however, Secura HQ Ltd specialise in creating a ‘business as normal’ environment. This is because we understand the delicate balance between the need for security and the need to live and work free from restriction and fear.

This is where our wealth of experience in managing risk, conflict, discretion and people, proves invaluable in allowing our clients to conduct their business and private matters without hindrance, disruption or worry. 

It is for these reasons we have attracted clients from a wide range of global industries and private business. Whether our clients require asset protection, residential security, or a combination of different services, Secura HQ Ltd has the pedigree to undertake the task of making life or business secure – as it should be.




All of our services can be tailored to accommodate industry and private business as seen below:

Private and Confidential Affairs

Oil and Gas Industry

Legal Firms

Insurance Firms


Business and Private Investment

Celebrity Protection and Logistics

Sports Events and Personalities

Corporate Business


Global Logistics Industry

Freight Forwarders and Importer/Export

High Value Product Transportation Industry


Family Business

And many more.........